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At Paradigm Technologies, we understand that our customers are different and that is why we offer various, flexible engagement models. Customers can select whichever model they feel would benefit their project - wheter it's commercial or time to market.

Some of the models we provide are:

Time and Materials (T&M)

This model is based on actual spend. Customers pay for the resources as they are utilised and and generally monitored through periodic timesheets or progress reports.

Works best for: Extended Application Development teams working on new product development on a continuous basis.

Project Based or Fixed-Bid Model

Application Development is executed on a fixed-price fixed-time billing basis. This model has minimal risk to the customer.

Works best for: Projects with a well-defined scope of work, the fixed-bid model provides tight control on budgetary spend provided a proper change management process is in place.

Hybrid Model

A combination of T&M model (at the start of the project), followed by a fixed-bid model (when scope of work is finalized) provides the best of both of the T&M and Fixed-Bid models.

Customers find it easier to take a decision on new product development initiatives when presented with this option.

Build-Operate-Transfer (BOT)

Paradigm Technologies also works on the BOT model on a case by case basis whereby the customer agrees on the transfer pricing model and other commercial terms for a BOT engagement. This model allows the customer to absorb the team, and in some cases the infrastructure as well, after certain duration of the product development engagement.

Revenue Share/ Incubator Model

Paradigm Technologies can share business risks with the customer by working on a revenue share model. We take up these projects on a select basis after conducting due diligence. The customer pays for a % of costs up-front and shares a % of future new product revenues with Paradigm Technologies.

What we do

Paradigm Technologies provides customers with skilled IT talent to help them meet their project resource needs cost-effectively. We provide software development solutions to companies of all sizes, onsite or offsite.

Offshore Service

The establishment of our Pakistan branch in 2008 was a strategic move enabling the company to provide outsourced, off-shore development services to our customers in South Africa and abroad.


Paradigm Technologies has resources specialising in various platforms and technologies. Our expertise covers a large spectrum of technologies and include Microsoft, Open Source Technologies and Java.