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From app design to development, Paradigm Technologies’ experienced developers team can turn your virtual vision into a visual reality.

Experienced application developers

Paradigm Technologies has a team of highly experienced application developers to morph your great ideas into workable web solutions. With top-talent application development skills on board, we accompany you to set jump-start your business.

Cloud-Architecture Solutions

You need flexible architecture? You want different revenue model for your business? Paradigm Technologies application development team will give you a fast and secure cloud based solution maintaining your data in a secure cloud to give your clients more flexibility!

Custom Web Applications Development

You are unique and so you want your structure and processes to be unique. None of the out-of-box solutions matches your business 100%. Our application developers are here to listen to your in-house issues and build a custom enterprise solution to maximize your internal efforts across different channels so that you can focus on your business.

What we do

Paradigm Technologies provides customers with skilled IT talent to help them meet their project resource needs cost-effectively. We provide software development solutions to companies of all sizes, onsite or offsite.

Offshore Service

The establishment of our Pakistan branch in 2008 was a strategic move enabling the company to provide outsourced, off-shore development services to our customers in South Africa and abroad.


Paradigm Technologies has resources specialising in various platforms and technologies. Our expertise covers a large spectrum of technologies and include Microsoft, Open Source Technologies and Java.